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Located in beautiful, Warrenton, MO, Grace Chiropractic and Holistic Health is your go-to for individualized care. We look at each patient as a unique person, and we look at that person as a whole. We seek to understand the root cause of your condition, how you got there, and how we can get you feeling and functioning better. We understand that no two patients are alike, and we customize treatment plans with this in mind. You'll get the individualized attention you need and deserve. It's our goal for you to feel heard and understood through our in-depth examination process.

Dr. Sarah has a variety of tools to ensure each of her patients are well taken care of. She is well-versed in the treatment of low back pain, neck pain, heaches, TMJ dysfunction, and other joint complaints such as knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain and more. She has additional training and certification in Applied Kinesiology, which allows her to take a more holistic approach to supporting conditions of the organs through manual therapy, nutrition, and supplemental recommendations. 

Our Clinic: Our Clinic
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